We develop computational tools and mathematical models to solve problems in sensory processing and memory.

About our program
Research in the lab
Our group is a collaborative research environment where we work together to understand the mechanisms of visual processing and memory in the brain. From collaborative programming sessions to weekly group seminars, we foster an inclusive environment where new scientists can learn to ask deep questions about the brain. We are always looking for talented scientists to join our group. If you are interested, check out our open positions or contact us directly.
Research themes
Signal/image processing

We develop new computational tools for analyzing large-scale neural recordings and uncovering new dynamics in cortex. We draw techniques from many disciplines in applied mathematics, including signal processing, image processing, and computer vision.

Computer science

Large-scale computational modeling allows us to study how neural networks generate experimental observations. We use advanced techniques in computer science to target higher simulation scales with optimized, low-level programming languages.

Applied Mathematics

Random graph theory allows us to study neural network structure and dynamics with numerical and analytical approaches. In this work, we use tools and techniques from graph theory and discrete mathematics.

Our research is made possible
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