We are a group of applied mathematicians and neuroscientists whose aim is to understand how the fine-scale dynamics of neural populations translates to perception and cognition.

Lyle Muller

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics
Brain and Mind Institute
Western University

Lyle Muller's research spans neuroscience, computational modeling, and applied mathematics. His work centers on developing new approaches to large-scale recordings of neural population dynamics in cortex. After studying neuroscience at Brown University, Lyle completed a PhD in computational and theoretical neuroscience with Alain Destexhe (CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette). He then moved to San Diego for postdoctoral research with Terry Sejnowski in the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL) at the Salk Institute.

Maryam H. Mofrad

Postdoctoral Scholar
Brain and Mind Institute
Western University

Maryam H. Mofrad is a postdoctoral scholar at Western's Brain and Mind Institute. Her research interests include mathematical modeling and optimization, sequential decision making, data analytics, and machine learning. She received her PhD in operations research from University of Pittsburgh with a focus on decision making under uncertainty and its application in medical decision making. Prior to joining computational neuroscience, she worked as a quantitative modeler and data scientist in the financial sector.

Federico Pasini

Postdoctoral Scholar [co-supervised with Mark Daley and Ján Minac]
Department of Mathematics
Western University

Federico W. Pasini is a postdoctoral researcher in Mathematics at Western. His research centers on several interconnected areas, including algebraic topology, algebraic number theory, geometric group theory, Galois cohomology and their applications to the study of networks, graphs, and neural systems. Before coming to Western, Federico completed a PhD in Mathematics with Thomas Weigel at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy) in 2017.

Mahmoud Sharkawi

Doctoral Student
Department of Applied Mathematics
Western University

Mahmoud Sharkawi's research focus is to relate techniques in applied mathematics and probability theory to models in computational and theoretical neuroscience. Formerly a student of quantitative finance, he has completed a Master's degree in Financial Mathematics at McMaster University. Mahmoud's background spans differential equations, advanced probability theory, and stochastic processes.

Igor Carrara

Visiting Master's Student
Program in Theoretical Physics
University of Milano-Bicocca

Igor's course of study has focused on a mathematical and computational framework for understanding and extending the knowledge of particles, forces, space-time, and the Universe. In this study, advanced computational tools are necessary to design and interpret experiments and computer simulations. In particular, Igor specializes in Computational Physics and the development of modern Monte Carlo simulations to solve analytical problems. His research interests in the lab are focused on understanding the processes of learning and memory in the human brain.

Amal Rizvi

Undergraduate Student
Medical Sciences
Western University

Amal Rizvi is an undergraduate student in Medical Sciences at Western. Her professional interests include research, innovation and technology in regards to human biological processes, with applications to the nervous system. She is particularly fascinated by approaching problems regarding the neural system from both a biological and mathematical lens and further applying this knowledge to the medical field.